School is out, summer is near and the fish are biting that means it’s time to get your boat out on the water! But before you do, make sure you are prepared. Follow these tips below to make sure you are ready for boating season!

Make sure all of the mechanics of your boat are in proper working condition. Check your belts, cables, fuel system, engine, electrical system, propeller and more. Are they all in proper working condition and water ready?

Check for safety gear. Make sure your U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are on board and in proper working condition. Remember, you should have enough life jackets for all passengers. Check your navigation lights and make sure they are working properly.

What about the trailer? Is your trailer ready to haul that beautiful boat of yours? Take care of your trailer like you take care of your boat!

Check on your insurance. Make sure you have proper coverage in place for your boat and your trailer. Don’t forget to ensure your policy is still in effect. It’s always a good idea to keep proof of insurance in your boat as well!

Contact us if you have questions about your insurance. We can guide you in the right direction and help you get a policy that best fits YOUR needs at a competitive price!