Every day weather affects our lives in some way, shape or form. We can’t change the weather, or control it, all we can do is be prepared for potential weather disasters and take appropriate steps to help protect your assets during the storm season. We can’t always prevent claims, but by being prepared we can potentially minimize damage.

Trim your trees! Falling trees and branches is one of the most common causes of storm damage. Not only could you incur costs from the damage the trees/branches have done to your home and other belongings, but you could also incur some costs for tree removal and clean up. Keeping your trees trimmed and away from your home can minimize your risk for damage from falling trees and branches.

Clean your gutters! Make sure to keep your gutters cleared from leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters can send water pouring down the side of your house.

Inspect your roof! Check your roof to make sure there are no cracks, missing shingles or damaged vents. This could prevent water from entering your home during a storm or wind-driven rain.

Backup Sump Pump! Make sure your sump pump is in good, working condition…especially if you have a finished basement! Get a backup sump pump in the event your sump pump stops working or gets backed up. A battery operated sump pump is great to have in the event the electricity goes out.

Secure your outdoor belongings! Secure your lawn furniture and all outdoor items to prevent heavy wind damage. Not only can a storm cause damage to those belongings if not secured, but those items could turn into projectiles and cause damage to your home, cars and etc.

Grab a weather radio! Stay informed of potential weather disasters by having a weather radio on hand. Being aware for a potential storm will give you more time to get prepared for the weather coming your way!

If you do have damage, first take the necessary steps to help prevent further damage until you can get help there to fix or clean up the storm damage. In addition, make sure you contact your insurance carrier and agent as soon as possible. The sooner we know, the quicker we can start working on your claim. Stay safe and be prepared for whatever the weather might bring your way!